According to Gallup’s World Poll, 63% of the global workforce is “checked out” and “sleepwalking through their workday.” The Wall Street Journal notes that more than half of American workers are less content with their jobs than they were 30 years ago in nearly every individual measure—from wages and retirement plans to vacation policies and commutes.

    There is a large discrepancy between what we want from work and our actual work experience—this disconnect creates unhappy workers. And not surprisingly, unhappy workers act out their unhappiness at work. Our research will enable us to understand what factors drive this unhappiness, as well as which factors contribute to wellbeing and flourishing in the workplace.

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    • Wellbeing and Leadership

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    • Women in Ministry

      This special website and blog provides insights into our ongoing research on the experiences of female clergy. Please consider joining this community!
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    • Clergy Kit

      After a decade of studying the wellbeing of clergy at the University of Notre Dame, our research has consistently shown that vibrant and thriving churches are led by flourishing clergy. When clergy experience high levels of wellbeing, they are able to be at their best as ministry leaders. Our research…
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    Flourishing in Ministry Research Insights

    2013 Emerging Research Insights ReportThis was our first report that was published in 2013. It provides a comprehensive overview of the results of our research at that time.

    2017 Flourishing in Ministry:Clergy, Ministry Life and WellbeingThis is an update to our 2013 report. It presents our new model of wellbeing and describes the four building blocks of flourishing.

    Wellbeing At Work

    Flourishing in ServiceThis reports presents our comprehensive wellbeing model for care-giving professions. It is based upon our research with international humanitarian workers, global health professionals, Head Start and public school teachers, and physicians.

    Insights for Clergy

    The “Stages” of MinistryPastors need a “back stage,” a place in which they can receive the support and care they need to be excellent in ministry and to flourish. This insight report provides key lessons from research on the role of a back stage in creating high levels of wellbeing among clergy and others in ministry.

    Never AloneThis research insights discusses the vital role that social support plays in flourishing. We present research results on how family, friends, peers and leaders impact flourishing, and we highlight the critical role that congregations play in clergy wellbeing.

    Burning Out in MinistryBurnout is a serious condition that is a warning sign of potentially worse things to come. We find that a significant number of clergy are experiencing high levels of burnout, many of whom do not realize they are in a precarious position. This research insight describes our results and provide guidelines for responding to burnout.

    A Burden Too Heavy?Research shows that the work of ministry is more diverse and complex than most professional roles. The demands of ministry work are high. In this research insights we discuss the characteristics of ministry work that may challenge clergy wellbeing.

    Women in Ministry

    Pointing Out the Road. This report describes new insights about the experiences of women in ministry


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