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    Flourishing Church Leadership

    Wellbeing for Clergy

    After a decade of studying the wellbeing of clergy at the University of Notre Dame, our research has consistently shown that vibrant and thriving churches are led by flourishing clergy. When clergy experience high levels of wellbeing, they are able to be at their best as ministry leaders. Our research has also shown that one of the most important factors for the wellbeing of clergy is that they have strong, positive relationships with their congregations, especially their lay leaders.

    This series is designed for use with the core leadership team, which works best with five to seven members. Your group could include the following:

    • Pastor • Priest • Minister • A small group of key lay leaders

    This series maps out a process the core leadership team can use to cultivate high levels of wellbeing among the team members. This series guides the leadership team through an exploration of wellbeing and why it is important for the clergy and the life of the local church. Hands-on activities create opportunities for each team member to develop a personalized wellbeing plan and for the team to establish practices that foster wellbeing among all of its members.

    Wellbeing and Faith

    An Overview by Series' Creator, Dr. Matt Bloom

    The Curriculum

    The series is built around seven themes (outlined below) that are explored over a sequence of meetings or sessions. Prior to each meeting, team members will engage in activities to develop insights and ideas. These activities take the form of brief wellbeing assessments, thought exercises, or generating ideas relevant to the theme of the upcoming meeting.

    Series Roadmap

    Each meeting is designed around the same basic structure and most will take approximately an hour and thirty minutes, including an opening ritual, a video, group discussion, team sharing, and a closing ritual.

    1. Why Wellbeing Matters

    Key insights from our Flourishing in Ministry research on the vital role that wellbeing plays in creating and maintaining high levels of clergy effectiveness and vital church ministries.

    2. The Science of Wellbeing

    A concise presentation of the four dimensions of wellbeing, tools that allow each member to acquire their own personal wellbeing profile, and the process for identifying key wellbeing indicators.

    3. Individual Wellbeing

    Key insights to help the leadership team understand the unique wellbeing profile of each member and begin the development of personalized wellbeing practices.

    4. Group Wellbeing

    A semi-structured process for examining team dynamics that impact the wellbeing of each team member, and the wellbeing of the team as a whole.

    5. Spirituality and Wellbeing

    An opportunity for the leadership team to integrate spirituality, theology, and religious beliefs into their developing insights about wellbeing.

    6. Leadership Wellbeing Covenant

    A guided exploration of key team issues and a process for developing a covenant among leaders to foster individual and team wellbeing.

    7. Wellbeing Rituals

    A semi-structured process for developing rituals to continue wellbeing practices.

    Download the Series

    Commit to a life-changing wellbeing journey for you and your church. Invest in yourself, your leadership, and your congregation as you develop the skills to battle burnout, discover your individual wellbeing level and the group’s, and how spirituality intersects with wellbeing. Send us an email below, and we will send you a code for a free download.


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